Our Story

Surrounded by a world consumed by fast fashion and the pursuit of instant gratification, the erosion of human connections became painfully apparent. It was in this barren landscape that I found myself standing alone, yearning for the touch of my roots. Memories of a time when smiles were genuine, touches were warm, and words were wise filled my heart with a deep sense of nostalgia. In the solitude of my balcony, on a beautiful evening, I contemplated the unparalleled significance and gratification that resided within those genuine connections. As the hues of the orange and pink skies mesmerized me, I was transported back to my childhood, where the foundation of my love for the intricacies of traditional textiles was laid.

 At the tender age of seven or eight, my world revolved around vibrant flowers, delectable sweets, and a collection of my mother's and grandmother's sarees. My mother would often recount an endearing habit of mine, whereby I would lie in her lap and find solace in the touch of her soft saree, relishing the tactile sensation as I drifted off into slumber. However, it was my grandmother who had a profound impact on my burgeoning love for the art of textiles. Expertly wielding her paintbrush, she would meticulously coat the fabric with splendid colors, her eyes twinkling with delight. As a young child, it fascinated me to no end, and I would eagerly join her, caressing the vibrant hues on the saree and smiling inwardly as the gentle material grazed my fingers. It was in that very instant that my fondness for colors, patterns, and textiles took root, becoming an integral part of who I am.

 Snapping out of my reverie, I was overwhelmed with an immense sense of gratitude and humility for being surrounded by such creative and skilled individuals who poured their souls into crafting something meaningful for their loved ones. Such a realization compelled me to halt and contemplate for a few cherished moments. An indescribable longing arose within me, urging me to recreate those treasured memories and infuse them back into my life. With fervor in my heart, I seized my drawing tools and commenced sketching my thoughts onto paper. Gradually, I entered a meditative state, manifesting and designing what had always resonated deeply within me. In this realm of creation, I found solace, a sense of belonging akin to that of home.

 One morning, my mind brimming with clarity and refreshed by a cup of freshly brewed tea, I embarked on a new journey. Driven by my unwavering dedication to foster genuine human connections and create a conscious, vibrant clothing line for women, a purpose crystallized within me. Racing to immerse myself in memories closely intertwined with my aspirations, I ventured into my wardrobe, my hands tenderly gliding over textiles meticulously handcrafted with love. Feeling the soft, buttery touch against my skin and allowing the warmth of those who had created them to fill my being, I realized that I needed to share this enchantment with other women. Would they view it through the same lens? Did they yearn for a piece of clothing that had been delicately painted by hand? It lingered as a daunting question, with countless fast fashion brands saturating the market, luring customers with their attractive prices. Why, amidst this sea of choices, would they choose Ojasi?

 Endless thoughts swirled in my mind, inducing a surge of fear that weighed heavily upon my breath. Yet, amidst the chaos, my heart refused to be silenced. Encouraging myself to find solace, I reminded myself that there was indeed a place for me, a place where my truths, authenticity, and fervent desire to create a purpose-driven and accessible designer label could thrive. In that very moment, an epiphany descended upon me like a ray of sunshine, flooding my heart with resounding joy.

 And so, with a whispered promise to foster authenticity and accessibility within the world of designer fashion, Ojasi was born. Here, at Ojasi, I vow to deliver designer products that are both accessible and affordable, adorned with an emblem that reflects both the beauty of traditions and the passionate artistry of exceptional artisans. It is my ardent hope that I can ignite the spark of joy that resides dormant within your wardrobe, allowing you to embrace exuberance, vitality, and grace through each meticulously crafted piece.

 With profound love and gratitude, may your journey with Ojasi be one filled with vibrant self-expression and unfettered joy.

From the bottom of my heart,

Thank you,

Swetha Duggirala